November 1, 2012

Well it’s time to let Jeff unload some of the stuff that bothers him. Hey gang you’ve all seen the pictures of the view from down here and I think we all have to agree it’s spectacular, well we may be the only one who really appreciate it. I have spent the last couple of mornings having my second cup of coffee on the balcony and I have observed people across the way in the town walking yards to get to the hill leading down to the little creek so that they can throw their garbage down the hill. Now we have this little area where there are no trees or shrubs and we get to see old sofas and mattress as well as black and white garbage bags. This just doesn’t occur here when you ride the Metro to Medellin and look at the Medellin River you see garbage mounds along the banks as well as just about anything floating in it, homeless people make a living collecting recyclable stuff from the river. The areas where this happens aren’t slums or peasant huts the people have new cars the homes are neat, some even have little garden in front, the streets are clean so there’s no excuse other than the people living there have no class and don’t care. I’ve noticed in the pass that people tend to take things for granted especially those connected too nature. A good example of this is the storm in the eastern US everybody thought New York didn’t have to worry wrong. Down here you get a beautiful sunrise or sunset and the average person is so used to it they no longer appreciate it. The same goes for dumping they don’t see it as wrong or harmful, wait 50 years when you go for a ride to see the view and all you see are black and white garbage bags everywhere, and don’t think it can’t happen. If the peace talks go well this country is going to be looking at a lot of unemployed young people, a great idea would be to get them evolved in cleaning up and protecting the environment. If you take a look at Japan and Holland they have many constructive way s to use garbage that not only remove it but help lower income families live. Holland makes building materials from garbage Japan is far ahead of the US and Colombia in recycling and air quality control. If Colombia does nothing now then the wealthy manufactures will come here with their factories and with their money it will make it very difficult to make change, just take a look at America. There is plenty more I could say about this but I think most people are bored by now I do hope a few people will listen and maybe there will be hope for a cleaner future CIAO.

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