October 19, 2012

 I tried I really did to find some humor in the news this morning but couldn’t, maybe it’s because Jeff and I both don’t feel well today. It is Friday and guess what the sun is shining, don’t know for how long. Based on how Jeff says he feels and how I actually feel I would say the weekend looks like a stay home and recuperate one. The one good thing about being sick down here is you can call a doctor and they’ll come to the house no charge. Now you know that’s not going to happen in the US, you have to have insurance then you have to make an appointment and if you’re lucky it will be the same week. I know you can always go to one of those emergency doctor places you see but if you’re insurance doesn’t cover it look out because they are definitely not cheap. So far I’d have to say that the medical treatment down here is a little better than up there, of course we’re talking about routine stuff nothing major and I hope we never have to talk about that. Well I need to go lay down Jeff is going to call Ruby and see if he can get some sympathy, I doubt it LOL. I see haw I feel later and maybe I’ll come back and

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