October 18, 2012

Well as we start a new season of blogging let me just review the last year 365 post in 365 days 178 pages of drivel 88,918 word of BS not bad for an old Tuxedo car huh. Well for today it looks like something out of the movie the Fog outside and at this time is showing no signs of clearing up anytime soon. I’ve been told that this is normal because this is one of the rainy seasons around here. Now I can deal with rain it’s this scary cloud hanging around outside that bothers me not that I’m a scary cat or anything it just doesn’t look natural that’s all. The weekend looks like a card game weekend sense nobody has any money left after the holiday weekend. That’s cool I enjoy my new friend Melissa, Hader’s daughter to be she very nice to me so is Juan Pablo although he can be a little loud at times. Tomorrow being Friday we’ll try to do some funny headlines, if people can stop killing each other long enough. Oh look the sky is getting a little lighter maybe the sun will come out for a few minutes, you never can tell. Well I don’t think this is to bad a start for a new year so I’m going on break CIAO.

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