October 17, 2012

WE DID IT 365 IN 365 now does anybody besides Val care, probably not, but one person is all I need to keep going. I don’t know if we can keep up the one a day average for another year we’ll have to see what happens. It really isn’t up to me it’s up to the world to give me something interesting to write about. With the US election coming up I might give Jeff a little more rant space and there is also the negotiations with the FARC down here. I promise to hit him with a chair if he gets too carried away. If you guys want to read a good blog that doesn’t come out every day you should try Taibbiblog at Rollingstone.com Jeff says he really buts it in common language that everybody can understand and you can get a different point of view on some subjects. Well listen Jeff got me a little CATNIP so I’m over the closet and do a little celebrating see you later (maybe) CIAO.

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