October 15, 2012

Good game yesterday wasn’t as quiet as I would have liked. Olga, Camilo, Nelida all showed up to use the pool and it’s a good thing they got here early because for the third day in a row it rained starting around 3PM and it looks like it’s going to try to make it 4 days in a row. Last night Jeff and I were chilling in bed when the phone rings and Ruby answers its Nacho and Olga they want t sleep over because their neighbors are having a party and they’re too loud for them to sleep. Nacho says he wants to sell his apartment and move because the neighbors are too loud and there are seven of them in the apartment upstairs. I believe he sells when the deal is done; after all he has said this before only to change his mind for some reason or other. Jeff just put some Bob Dylan Music on I guess he trying to me he wants to use the computer and I should just go and chill. But I will not go easily into the night I think I’ll just make like I’ve something important I’m blogging about and make him wait. So listen how’s the weather up in the US has it gotten cold yet or is global warming keeping the winter away, have the trees changed color yet. That is something you miss down here everything stays green all year long and the temperature stays in the seventies around here the only season you really get here is raining season. Do you think I’ve made Jeff wait long enough? Oh I know what I can do to be annoying John played in the band last night and didn’t get home until six this morning , I think I‘ll just call him and make sure he’s up LOL. Ok that’s the plan then I’m going to go and take my nap CIAO.

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