October 14, 2012

Football Sunday is here it started out looking like a nasty day but it’s starting to look better now. We had another round of bad thunderstorms late yesterday, the bad thing is the effect they’re having on the airports and sense this is a three day weekend it really causing havoc. I just hope everybody gets to where they’re going safely late doesn’t mean anything getting there is what’s important. I don’t know if Jeff and Ruby have any plans for today I know they kept me up late last night watching a couple of the Twilight series movies I think it was the second and third ones. I really don’t know what the fascination with the undead is., if it isn’t vampires it’s Zombies. You’d think people would want to leave the dead dead but I guess it’s just something that scares them and that makes them happy (SIC). You never see stories about Vampire or Zombie cats do you? Of course you don’t we do all our mischief while we’re alive and on Halloween we don’t need costumes to scare people we just sneak up on them and go Meowww and it scares the heck out of them. Time to take a quick nap before the games start maybe I’ll be back at halftime but I wouldn’t count on it CIAO.

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