October 11, 2012

YOU GOTTA, GOTTA, SOCK IT TO HER TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS and the crowd goes wild sorry I’m still in the Otis mode. As I was saying before tomorrow promises to be a soccer day with Colombia Paraguay at 2:30 EST. I’m going to be curious to see if john shows up sense he has said he will no longer watch Colombian soccer. I’ll bet he’s here and here early to stake out his spot on the couch. It should be a good game and I hope Colombia wins. Oh my God now Jeff has on Meat Loaf he really determined to rock the house today, maybe it’s a good idea Ruby’s not here she’d probably tell him to turn it down so she can watch the Colombian version of the price is right. I don’t know what got into him I do know he’s been complaining because Amazon won’t let him download music to Colombia so he’s been going threw his collection to see what he got and it appears he pulling out the heavy guns. Well this will make 357 of 365 posts with six day to go I think he might just make it if I don’t get a cramp in my paw and can’t type anymore maybe I should go soak them in Epson salts and get Jeff to massage them for awhile I might be back CIAO.

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