Morning Visitors

October 9, 2012

OK guess what it’s cloudy and it looks like rain, we had some visitors this morning so I decided to put their picture up. Even though we live in what would be called a densely populate city you have to remember this is Colombia. These guys wonder around they don’t bother anybody in fact the large Black seems to have a thing for Jeff every time he goes out and he’s around he comes over to have Jeff scratch his ears. We’ve seen Horse’s grazing on traffic islands and cows just walking down the busiest of streets, it’s the same for dogs they know how to cross a street you can see them stop and look around it’s really amazing to see. The only one you don’t see roaming around during the day are cats (we’re night people) they’ll just lay in a doorway and no matter what you do they won’t leave. It’s like me I can act like I want to go out the door but if you let me I’ll take a couple of steps and come right back in especially if you start to close the door. I’m no fool I know I have a good thing and I don’t plan to just walk away. Time for a morning nap it’s nice and quiet today the school across the way is on vacation so it’s a good time for sleeping CIAO.

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