Weekend Shopping

October 5, 2012

It’s Friday and of course it looks like rain here’s the week end so far shopping and more shopping maybe a movie. I don’t think there are any important soccer games this weekend so I don’t think there will be any large gatherings at our place. Going back to the shopping Ruby is going with this very nice lady so that she can learn how to buy meat down here because what she gets now has the consistency of shoe leather even if Jeff was so inclined as to help her she wouldn’t listen to him anyhow she keeps insisting that meat is different down here. I want to make it clear it’s not Ruby’s cooking she keeps coming up with great recipes and the flavor is there it’s just really tough meat and she gets very upset when it comes out like that. Jeff had better get the filters for my water fountain or he’s going to be losing sleep I also need a manicure or things could really get messy around here. Well because it so early I don’t have any more right now but I will be back CIAO

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