October 4, 2012

Thursday and I don’t care anybody watch the debated last night, fortunately it wasn’t on TV down here. If there’s one thing I can’t stand its watching politicians lie to us. The President of Colombia had Prostate surgery yesterday, it came as a little surprise sense thee hadn’t been any discussion of his illness prior to the announcement that he was having surgery. I always worry about Jeff and things like that, I might come across as a big bad cat but I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to him, but not to worry he’s too much of a bastard to go gently into the night. Now what are we going to do this weekend I really don’t know there a lot of things that can only be done on the weekend sense Ruby is always babysitting during the week, and speaking of Ruby somebody please find a cure for menopause. She is complaining its too hot or she yelling in Spanish at Jeff and he’s walking around trying to figure out what he did wrong. It’s actually funny sometimes especially if you’re not Jeff and being yelled at. Well time for a pee break and some food we’ll talk later CIAO.

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