There was an Earthquake?

October 1, 2012

Another Monday Morning there was an earthquake of 7.2 yesterday in Cali we didn’t feel a thing. They say that’s because the buildings up here on the mountain are designed for it that and it was quite a bit away from here. Everybody was here yesterday Hader, John, Nelida, El Jefe, Juan Pablo, Melisa, Camilo, and of course Hari so you know I didn’t get much rest and of course Ruby got up early for work so I’m a tad grumpy as is Jeff. Jeff and I enjoy the family especially El Jefe and it would seem sense we have a  swimming pool we’re going to be seeing more of them on the weekend (Yippee). Later I’ll go over some of the news from this morning and we’ll see if we can get something to smile about as for now CIAO.

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