Just a plain old Thursday

September 20, 2012

Boy another day another post you know this stuff disrupts my routine of eating, sleeping, pooping, and getting Jeff to brush me. I guess one must make sacrifices to keep their public happy. Yesterday Barcelona won in the European championship which is good because that means there is still a chance for them to meet Real Madrid in the finals. The only soccer match that gets people down here excited, other then the Colombian national team trying to qualify for the 2014 world cup, is a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. They treat these games like the Super Bowl, lots of parties and drinking. The weekend is shipping up to quite, that’s my favorite kind, and so far nothing special is planned. I hope it stays that way and Ruby has time to relax she really doe do a lot of stuff during the week between taking care of Hari and Jeff and making sure I’m not outside on the balcony or sleeping on her clothes. Speaking of sleeping I think that’s a good idea so CIAO.

One Response to “Just a plain old Thursday”

  1. valerie said

    flounder why can’t you sleep on the balcony


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