September 19, 2012

 Hi it’s me Flounder back where I belong hope Jeff didn’t bore the hell out of everybody yesterday, just so you know the picture has nothing to do with today’s blog I just happen to like Shakira. The topic today is the weather down here it has been extreme all over the country. We’re protected from most of the really bad stuff by the mountains, but every night you see violent lightning flashes on the top of the mountain. Some of the smaller storms make it over and as bad as these are your glad the really big ones don’t make it over. Every day between 1 and 4 in the afternoon the wind picks up on our side of the valley and really whips threw sort of like the Santa Anna winds of California. The strange thing is they don’t seem to bother the other side of the Valley I mean if they did I doubt they’d be able to run the cable car up the mountain. That side gets the winds later at night. These storms are creating real problems doing a lot of damage in the south and near the coast to homes and property. Then you have the drought which is going to begin to effect food prices, it along with the heavy rains in other parts of the country has already affected the quality of the produce. I know this is of no consolation to the people of Colombia but the American mid and south west are going through the same thing and there prices have already started to rise. It would seem that somewhere along the line you humans have pissed off Mother Nature and she’s getting even. I could go on and on like Jeff but I feel I’ve said enough for now CIAO.

One Response to “FLOUNDER RETURNS”

  1. valerie said

    the lightning storms must be spectacular from your windows up so high.


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