FOOTBALL SATURDAY (American style)

September 15, 2012

Its football Saturday at our house today Ruby’s going shopping with Nelida and me and Jeff are going to veg out either in front of the TV or the computer. I love days like this when we get to hang out by ourselves and do whatever we want to. Hader loves American football to but so far he’s the only one we know who does. Later we have to some stuff to get ready for the BBQ tomorrow in honor of Valentine’s Day, but that won’t interfere with our plans. Not to much else is happening around here right now sense we moved up on the mountain we don’t as much of everybody as we used to that and people are bust trying to make a living and we’re not a walk down the block anymore. It’s like when we go shopping we have to take a bus and train to get to Bello’s shopping area and then because they have so many groceries to bring home they have to take a cab it’s not that expensive it’s more time consuming and the cabs and buses weren’t built for someone Jeff’s size. So I guess that’s it for today I’ll try and take some pictures tomorrow and put them up probably Monday in the mean time CIAO.

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