September 14, 2012


Hey it’s Friday and the weekend is here (no big deal for me and Jeff) well it looks like we’re going to have a party for Valentine’s Day Sunday at Nelida’s house it’s going to be a barbeque which means Jeff has to clean his grill and get it ready, that’s always fun. Yesterday Jeff and went and spent the day at Hari’s house which is cool I get to do what I want and Ruby and Jeff aren’t there to yell at me, I still miss the big guy though. Today he has a doctor’s appointment and has to get a blood test no big deal just routine stuff, so he’ll be gone most of the day again but if I’m lucky he’ll bring Hari back here afterwards. Saturday looks like a Jeff and Flounder day sense Ruby will probably be shopping with Nelida for the party. We might et lucky and see a college football game or two if not that’s cool I like hanging out with my bud. Well Jeff has to take a shower and get ready to leave so I’m going to pick a spot on the bed to chill till he gets back CIAO.

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