September 10, 2012

OK its Monday right now the sun is shining as it was at sunset last night (see photo) less than two hours later violent lightening could be seen on the try to get over the mountains, about four hours later it succeeded. Parts of Antioquia were hit by tornados in Medellin we got violent thunderstorms and heave rain and wind, other parts of the country are suffering from drought the accompanying fires and water shortages. I’ve been up for 2 ½ hours and the sky has gone from looking like immediate rain to sunny to partly cloudy the weather changes so fast down here it’s hard to make outdoor plans. Getting back to the drought areas it seems that all countries suffer from the same thing when building a development their main concern is sewage and they plan water use for normal conditions. Then later some developer says lets tear down these small buildings and build new ones that are bigger and will hold more people. This is a good idea in principle because it brings people closer to the services that they need unfortunately those services never grow as fast as the need. Add to that increased stress on the water system throw in a period of unusual heat and lack of rain over planting and some other things and guess what you have a recipe for disaster. I watched as the northeast US went through a long drought really severe for two years I saw reservoirs turn into mud puddles it started to get really scary looking and they got lucky a hurricane came and broke the drought reservoirs filled almost immediately and sense the heat was gone the stress on the system was eased it still took time for the area to recover most produce prices remained higher than they were prior to the drought. Now both the US and Colombia are going threw another bad time extreme weather in the form of either too much or not enough are hitting both countries in there agriculture belts and prices are beginning to go up again. In the US the drought is in the Midwest so they can’t depend on hurricane rains to help relieve it they have to wait for winter and hope it brings rain to the farm lands and snow to the mountain for the spring runoff. In Colombia they pray for rain not the violent type we just had but more gentle so it will be absorbed by the ground that needs it. I believe that somewhere along the line we pissed off Mother Nature and now it’s payback time, we can only hope she decides to have mercy on us and that we’ve learned our lesson CIAO.

One Response to “SUN and RAIN”

  1. valerie said

    beautiful pictures of you view – I was at the cedar knolls mall yesterday and that is the last time I saw Jeff walking through the parking lot after visiting Ruby – What a differance in views.


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