Just a Saturday

September 8, 2012

Welcome to Saturday no headlines today just that Colombia beat Uruguay in a World Cup qualifier yesterday and the US lost to Jamaica (and that really sucks). The sun is shining it’s 9:30 am down here I guess it’s 10am on the east coast,, we don’t need daylight savings time down here. The sun rises and sets just about the same time all year long. Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day down here so Jeff and the boys need to go shopping soon or there could be trouble in paradise. There are no plans today beyond everyone going to watch Hari at music class, where he usually just sits and watches then gets home and starts singing. I think Jeff is getting mad at me because I wake him up every morning around 6:30, it’s not my fault Ruby gets up that early and wakes me so I think it’s time for Jeff to get up too. I guess I better stay up late tonight so I’ll sleep a little later tomorrow morning. That having been said I think a nap is order now CIAO.

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