September 3, 2012

Yesterday was a chill day after being out late to watch the soccer Nacional won 3-0 in a badly played game, thank god Barcelona was on espn in the afternoon so Jeff got to watch some good soccer. The only good thing about Saturday was being able to hang out with the family Hader was there with Catalina and the kids, Nacho, Olga and Camilo were there and John, Vanessa and Hari, and of Jeff’s favorite El Jefe, so that part was fun. Watching the game was tedious, boring and masochistic and then Medellin actually quit with time still on the clock Jeff say at that point they probably couldn’t have won but they could have at least tried to score a goal. No professional team should ever lay down and quit while there is still time on the clock to Jeff it’s an act of betrayal to the fans who paid money to see them play 90 min. In America the crowd would have booed and maybe gotten rowdy but watching it on TV it looked d like they were as resigned to be losers as much as the players were. Jeff is going to pick up his new glasses tonight maybe there won’t be so many mistakes to correct in these posts after he does. I think that covers it foe now it’s early and maybe something will happen and I’ll be back till then CIAO.


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