Palm Sunday

April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday in Colombia Jeff and Ruby went to watch the processions to the church and Jeff said they very good. He noticed as did Ruby that people going to church no longer get dressed up down here dressing up on Sunday means getting your hair done clean jeans and clean T-shirt. Jeff had to admit this was the first time he ever saw young and old people going into church wearing kiss me good or sport teams or concert T-shirts. He guessed he was just getting old but Ruby says that might be part but the people who go to the church don’t have as much money and the style of dress has changed. Jeff agreed on the style of dress changing, he would much prefer to wear jeans as opposed to slacks, But he doesn’t see any reason why men can’t wear collared shirts and the women can’t  put on a nice blouse. Around the church were people selling Palms they really don’t want you to do that because the plant is becoming extinct also all the stores were open as well as the bars (which were full). Even though Jeff is as far from religious as you can get he thinks if you going to go to church you should show a little respect and not a lot of mid-drift he says if this makes him old fashioned then so be it. He doesn’t think that people have go and buy all new fancy clothes like they did when he was young just try to a little conservative even if that means just a plain white T-shirt . There will be many more processions this week and Jeff will try to get some photos. It’s a lot of work to put together and Jeff admires the young people who carry the floats threw the city especially because it was so hot today. Well speaking of hot I’m going to climb up on the bed sense the fan is on and chill Ciao.

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