Futbol time

February 29, 2012

OK big soccer game tonight Colombia versus Mexico Jeff will probably have one of the boys here to watch Ruby is already upset because they’re taking her favorite program off to put the game on. I really don’t understand the fuss but I’m a cat and what do I know. I do know that I would like to see Colombia win I don’t like Mexico ever since the increase in killing and drug traffic although I do feel bad for all the innocent people getting hurt there. I suppose all the TV’s will be turned to the game and if John comes over the way he gets into the game the only safe place for me and Hari is under the bed. The way he get’s is like he just bet his life on the game, but don’t worry he doesn’t gamble he’s way to religious to do that his only vice is watching soccer especially his team National. His wife Vanessa’s birthday is this Sunday and he better do something nice for her or me and Hari will kick his butt. Well until the game is here and gone I don’t have much else to talk about So Ciao for now.

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