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February 27, 2012

So we ranted about American politics and Politian’s yesterday let’s take a look at what we know about politics in Colombia we do know that most if not all employment down here is linked to who you know. You can have the best qualifications for a specific job but if you don’t know anybody you won’t be hired unless there’s absolutely no one who knows someone applying for the same position as you. Now that might sound a little like narcissism and it probably is , but it’s not something that’s hidden even though people might not want to talk about it everyone knows it. People who get elected promise all there so called friends job but rarely do they come thru on these promises it’s the same as the US money talks bullshit walks in other words if you can’t give something to the official he doesn’t care who you are until the next election and no matter how bad these people are they seem to have no problems getting reelected time after time. They survive because they never let things get to bad and keep the crime down to an exceptical level as to exactly what their jobs consist of, that’s anybody’s guess. Hey listen the sun just came out and I hear Hari so Ciao for now

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