Politics bites

February 26, 2012

In answer to Val’s comment the people who park in handicapped spaces and don’t show any outward disability are suffering from gross stupidity in other words they never learned how to read and thing about people not acknowledging that you let them get ahead well Karma has a way of taking care of those people. Now to get on with today’s post, being a cat I don’t really care about politics and such put reading about the republican primary in America is like reading a comic book. I can’t believe that they let these dummies run for anything. Fortunately in America the president really can’t do much by himself because if you let any of these morons have their way they would put a wall around the whole country and declare themselves King. People actually thought of doing that with Ronald Regan because the country was so prosperous when he was Pres., but the problem with the government up there is they only about now and not about the future. It’s sort of like I going to get what I want and I don’t care if there’s nothing there for the next generation. They do it with their energy, economic, and climate policies. Now I don’t want anyone to think this just the ranting of a frustrated Democratic cat, both parties have the same agenda just the Democrats happen to a little more subtle in their approach to them. They like to sugar coat things before they tell you to bend over while the republican want you to bend over and smile then say thank you for sticking it to me. I don’t have any answers that’s why Jeff lives down here you know the government is corrupt they don’t try to hide it, yet they do show some concern for the future. It’s similar to living in some really rural town in America you know you have go to the mayor slip him a few bucks to get your permit for a new deck on your house but no one’s lying about it it’s just the way things are done and everybody’s happy. One thing that might help the US is to get rid of all those 70 and 80 year old in congress and the senate I don’t think living in the past is the way to go right now and I don’t believe bring back a policy of isolationism will work in anybody’s favor. I also don’t believe we can be the words police force. The US and the world have to develop alternate forms of energy or their will be fighting over what little oil is left it’s not a infinite amount most experts will tell you that there’s about 38 to 45 years supply left, that’s what I mean when I say today’s politicians only think about now. Well that was quite a rant even for me but it’s what Jeff and I believe please give it some thought we’re going back to writing about life down here for awhile. Now its Sunday morning the sun is shining and I’m going to take advantage Ciao.

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