And the building shook

February 24, 2012

As we wait to see if anybody really reads this I’ll continue to “blog.” Today we experienced a small earthquake I believe they said it was a no 5 on the scale and it was in Venezuela whose border is about 350 miles from here. The building where we live shook a little and some dust fell, but you realize that a big one would devastate the area. I don’t believe any of the buildings in Bello could withstand a major quake and they’re so close together that the damage would be catastrophic, make me all warm and comfy living here now. Being a cat I don’t get the advance warnings that dogs get so I can’t run and hide but I guess I can live with it. I got a reply from Val saying she likes to read the blog because to her it’s like getting a letter and nobody writes letters anymore. That made me think how we really don’t communicate in person anymore we text e-mail talk on the cell phone but not so much in person anymore. We can work from home in solitude, which some say is more productive but we don’t personally interact as much anymore. I have watched people walk out of their houses in the morning and jump on the cell they talk through lunch at dinner the kids are texting it would appear to me that instead of improving communication we’re becoming a bunch of anonymous voices on a cell phone. I know you’re going to say well isn’t that what you’re doing now, well let’s get something straight first I’m a cat I don’t talk so how the hell do you think I’m going to get my views out there by telepathy? Now as I see it yes we save money by doing everything on line but we lose our appreciation of personal contact and nature, which leaves us vulnerable to deceit and bad government. The even more paranoid among us think that the government wants us to use all these devices so they can keep better track of where we are and what we think. That is a real possibility but we have to trust that there are enough good people around to stop it at least for now. So back to the point when was the last time you wrote a personal letter to a friend or relative? I mean you sat down with a pen (you do remember what a pen is don’t you) and paper and created a letter. How many kids coming out of college could write a love note to a girl without using abbreviations and instant mess slang? For that matter how many of you reader have tried in the last year to write something without the aid of word processing software? Bet you haven’t even thought about it, can you remember how to? Well I’ve given you something else to think about till next time right now I’m hungry and I need a nap Ciao.

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