A little bit of country

February 21, 2012

Ok Val wants a little more Rock and Roll but she say she’s a fan of country and western music I’m going to assume she means the old stuff because now a days the lines between country and rock are rather blurred. I’ve read articles that say country music is still doing very well but if you’re a traditionalist you might not agree with me. For those of you down here it would be like watching the old traditional music be replaced by more rock styled music. Most of these changes can be traced to advertising money, advertisers tend to target an age group between 18 and 25 or sometimes as old as 40 these people are considered to have more money to spend on non essentials than older people taking that into consideration they also tend to differ in taste from their parents thus the change in musical tastes from generation to generation. But getting back to Val’s tastes it would appear that there is still plenty of new country music out there just not a lot of radio stations to listen to it. From a historical point of view this music has been around forever but it doesn’t come from out west it origins are in the southeast and have a great deal of African American influence combined with European. It has gone through many variations and there have been a lot of crossover artists like Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. Jeff really doesn’t have an in depth knowledge of country music and he doesn’t want to just copy from web sites so he hopes this has entertained Val as for me you know so long there isn’t a party going on and the sound level is low I could care less what type of music is being played after all I’m a cat not a music critic and now it’s time to go take a nap and dream of the Mickey Mouse Club Ciao.

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