TGIF again

January 27, 2012

Its TGIF again seems like it just was just yesterday and with that comes another weekend and nothing special planned. Of course there’s always the pro bowl, but who am I kidding no watches that including the guys playing in it. Ruby said something about going to Rio Negro to visit a park up there it’s supposed to be good we’ll have to wait and see what the weather brings; it has a habit of not cooperating with Ruby. The sun just came out so maybe the weekend will turn out nice and we can go and get some good photos, it seems you readers check out the blog more when there are photos. Jeff had his cardiogram yesterday he remarked how clean and modern the facility was which didn’t really surprise him Colombia has a reputation for excellent health care. He won’t find out what the results are until he sees the doctor on the third which is Wed. next week. He doesn’t seem too concerned about it so I guess he’ll be around for awhile. This is good because as much as I like hanging with Hari he can drive me a little grazy at times when Jeff isn’t around to distract him from me. I think I’m done for now I’m going to get off this boney lap and head over to my sunspot and take a little cat nap Ciao.

PS Hey Val are you making comments because if you are now I’m not seeing them and I do so much miss you insight Hope you are well CIAO

One Response to “TGIF again”

  1. Valerie said

    no not latley, I will again especialy when I find out how your cardiogram went – I wish there was a spell check on this page my sucks


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