I’m still mad

January 23, 2012

I’m a little calmer now but I should mention just to be fare that dogs are a delicacy in Viet Nam as well as other Asian and South East Asian countries. I have nothing against scratching the occasional dogs face but I draw the line at eating them so maybe all you pet lovers out there should stop eating in Asian restaurants. Now that I’ve said my piece THE GIANTS WON last night to set up a repeat of 2008 Super Bowl in 2 weeks should be a great game Jeff is a Giant fan but I have to tell you I think the Patriots will win the game. Tomorrow is Juan Pablo’s first day of school at his new one in Bello I hope he likes it and improves his grades or Hader going to be pissed. He seems to really love Hader so maybe that will be incentive for him to do well I hope so. If he comes over or Ruby talks to Hader I’ll have some info on how the day went for him, time for me to go eat Ciao.

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