Another day in Colombia

October 24, 2011

Well they didn’t go anywhere today so they thought they would pay a little attention to me .Don’t they know day time is when I catnap? Sense I’m awake I should tell you a little more about Colombia, let’s see we talked about how small the cars are down here that’s because the roads are small and gasoline is very expensive (about four dollars a gallon) but they do have about 800,000 cars to run on what I presume is natural gas or it could be propane. They originally wanted 8 million but as you can see they came up a little short. As I understand from listening to Jeff the cars run fine there is a slight gas smell at idle and they don’t climb the mountain roads very well, but the gas is like $2.00 to fill up and they get great millage. Most of the gas equipped cars are Kias and are used as taxis, which makes sense because they represent the majority of cars in the city. Did I mention some buses are equipped to run on gas too? I know they have gas equipped cars in the US But down here you find the gas at just about every gas station so you don’t have to drive over to the gas company every time you want to fill up. The gas powered vehicles are also better for the environment and you know how us animals feel about that.


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