Flounders Great Adventure Con’t.

October 22, 2011

Well this Sunday Jeff’s going to make his infamous chili for the family, which means I have to hide in the bedroom so people won’t be coming over to me and going FLOUNDER YOUR SO CUTE and try to see if my fur comes off. He went to the store with Ruby to get the meat and some spices, do you know you can’t find cayenne pepper down here and it took forever to find Basil and don’t even think about getting jalapeño peppers. It would seem they don’t like spicy food in this part of Colombia I do know they use them In Bogotá and on the coast. Well what else is going on Oh here’s a good one the other day Jeff sat on his Kindle and broke the screen, I laughed so hard I fell of me seat, he’s going to send it back to the US with somebody in Nov he has insurance on and we’ll see what happens. You know they have American football on TV down here but the commentators speak Spanish. I really don’t care after all I’m just a cat.

It's me

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