June 5, 2013

bloggingJeff and I started this blog to sort of document what went on in my life in Colombia but after a while we started writing about whatever. It became more about just letting people know we were alive and well. We cover everything and that’s what blogging is all about it’s a way for us to express ourselves to other people either anonymously or under our name. Some people blog in the hope of gaining wealth some like reporters do it to continue their career after the news paper or magazine they were working at shutdown. Jeff thinks everybody blogs to some degree they post on social media constantly telling what they’re doing or seeing. They love the fact that they have followers it give their lives some meaning or something. Jeff knows someone on Facebook that has 1429 friends he asked him did he know all these people he was letting into his life and the answer was no. Well Jeff said if you don’t know all of them where did they come from oh they were friends of friends and its cool. Jeff said well I hope you trust all of them because you might as well write a blog about yourself because everything you post goes to all of them. Jeff and I are pretty careful about what we say about our families and friends but not about what we think. That’s the good thing about a Blog its away to vent you

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